Jean-Pierre Hallet

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A Man Among Men...

Jean-Pierre Hallet was a man among men  He was internationally renowned as an africanist, ethnologist, sociologist, humanitarian, agronomist, naturalist, author, lecturer, explorer, photographer, cinematographer, artist, African art authority and collector, and death-defying adventurer. He was best known and revered, however, as the world authority on the culture, languages, and history of African pygmies in general and the Ituri Forest Efé clan of the Bambuti pygmies in particular, with a list of accomplishments and recognitions that is almost endless.

Humanitarian of the Decade”


In 1976 Jean-Pierre Hallet was proclaimed “Humanitarian of the Decade” by the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation.

US Presidential End Hunger Award winner.

In 1987, The Pygmy Fund received the “US Presidential End Hunger Award, with " Special Recognition”, for the winged bean program created by Jean-Pierre Hallet. The same award was given the previous year to the Peace Corps for 25 years of service by 100,000 volunteers!

Internationally Best Selling Author

Jean Pierre Hallet's enthralling Kitabu (Swahili for book) series, including Congo Kitabu, Animal Kitabu and Pygmy Kitabu have been translated into 21 different languages, including Chinese and Russian.  These books were of his life serving in the Belgian Congo, and his passion for animal conservation and the Efe' Pygmies of the Inturi Forest.  Known to those close to him as "the Original "Indiana Jones"", his books take you on a real life adventure, more spectacular than the movies, and leaves you with the feeling of the true meaning of the human spirit and what it can accomplish. 

Congo Kitabu - his first smash Success - takes you into the heart of Africa, and into the heart of a brave and remarkable man.  

Animal Kitabu takes you on an exciting journey into the animals of Africa.  Jean-Pierre raised multiple animals while living in Ruanda-Burndi, near the border of the Congo.  "His extensive menagerie allowed him an insight into animal behaviour that is further explored in this book. 

Pygmy Kitabu is one of the best in-depth writings detailing their extraordinary culture. The Efe' Pygmies have been shown to be one of the oldest intact civilizations on Earth, thru DNA studies.  

Pygmy child cradled in armsSaved the Efe' Pygmies from Extinction


Jean-Pierre Hallet was the first man in the world ever to SAVE a RACE of People from Extinction.  Jean-Pierre’s knowledge, love, and deep respect for the pygmies resulted in his writing, advocating for, and obtaining an official acceptance of his “Declaration of Emancipation” for the endangered Efé pygmies of the Ituri Forest, Zaire in 1957. In the same year, his humanitarian work was declared to be an “Ethnological Revolution, the most remarkable social achievement of recent years” by the Press Africaine.  His dedication to the Efe' Pygmies continued until the day he died on January 1, 2004.

Jean-Pierre with small group


One of the World's Greatest
 African Art Collections


Jean-Pierre amassed a vast collection of African art during his travels and professional activities. This first collection, considered one of the world’s greatest, was effectively donated to the Fowler Museum UCLA in 1963.


Own a piece of history...the man and the art

Jean-Pierre in his later years

The collection that is now up for sale is part of the African Art personally collected by Jean-Pierre Hallet from many regions of Africa including Tanzania, and Southern and Western Africa.  This SECOND Amazing collection, literally filled every room in his Malibu, CA home, as well as a separate warehouse and the large store and gallery in Santa Monica, California, and later West Los Angeles.   



of Jean-Pierre Hallet


IS now being offered FOR SALE to the public by his three step-children, who worked with him, and their mother Liane Hallet, tirelessly to help raise awareness about the plight of the Efe' Pygmies in the Ituri Forest. Together as a family they worked long hours at their Santa Monica, 3rd Street Promenade store and at fairs throughout Southern California.

   This collection of African Art, is more than just Art, it is a lifetime of collecting from a GIANT of a MAN that was well ahead of his time.  A man that wanted nothing more than to STOP WORLD HUNGER and SAVE THE EFE' PYGMIES of the Ituri Forest from extinction.  


Nobel prize??


A Note from his children:  Even after our mother died tragically in 2000, and our family was in distress, Jean-Pierre still drove forward gaining a Nobel prize nomination for his tireless work with the Efe' Pygmies, before the additional tragedy of 9/11. 


He never won the Nobel prize, but he won the heart and respect of an entire race of people that at one time were not even recognized as being human.  This "Abe Lincoln of the Congo" as he was often called was a man of firsts, and those that have a piece of his collection, will have the opportunity to not only talk about the history of the art, but to talk about the history of the man. 


When buying this art it is our hope that you will be keeping the name of Jean-Pierre Hallet alive, for generations to come, so that more people will have the opportunity to truly appreciate all that he tried to accomplish in his life, that unfortunately ended too soon.




Janou, Jeff & Kristina

A Love Story


Even in Love -he had an adventure.  On Christmas Eve, December 1985 Jean Pierre Hallet married our mother Liane in their Malibu Home.   As her eldest daughter, I can tell you that it was the culmination of years of courtship that began as the fairy tale love story.  In the early 70's my young single mother, (ten years younger than Jean-Pierre), who was then living in Pleasant Hill, California, had just finished reading Jean-Pierre's book Animal Kitabu.  She told me how she had always wanted to go to Africa, since she was a small child.  She held up the book to show me a picture of him, and said to me "This is the man that I am going to marry".   She proceeded to write him a wonderful letter expressing her delight in his book and her desire to meet him.  She simply signed the letter, Liane.  When Jean-Pierre read the letter he was very intrigued, as his sister's name was also Liane, with the same spelling.  Being very close to his sister, he wrote my mother back to contact him whenever she would be in Los Angeles.  The day finally came when they actually met.  From that day on, their love story continued until death separated them when my mother unexpectedly died in August 2000. 

My mother was Jean-Pierre's right hand and the love of his life.  Together they created a team that was unstoppable in their quest to Save the Efe' Pygmies.  She stood beside him and helped to make this dream a reality.  When he traveled to Africa, she kept everything going here.  Saving the Efe' Pygmies became a family affair, dominated with the need to get information out to the world about the plight of the pygmies.  My mother instilled in us how important Jean-Pierre's work was, so for me, many of my reports in High School, College, and University were about the Efe' Pygmies and how important a people they were, and how we had to save them. 

Along with our mother; my sister, brother and I spent many years working with Jean Pierre in efforts to Save the Pygmies.  When the first Pymgy Fund store opened in Westwood , California, we volunteered on a daily basis helping to run the shop, which was, at the time, one of the largest collections in the United States.  Proceeds from the sales went the The Pygmy Fund.  When he won the Presidential End Hunger Award we couldn't have been happier for him.  He always hoped that this recognition would help to bring in enough money to secure the lives of the Efe' Pygmies.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  No matter what he was going through in life, saving the lives and culture of the Efe' Pygmies was his calling.  Along with my mother's never-ending support and help, together they worked to achieve this goal. 

As Westwood, California was getting to the end of its heyday, Jean-Pierre called a family meeting at The Pygmy Fund and told us that his thoughts were, that when times get tough, you can quit or get bigger and better.  He then told us that he and my mother had made a decision to rent a huge location on the up and coming 3rd Street Promenade located in the heart of Santa Monica, CA.  Well...they were right.  The store African Arts Etc, was a huge hit and was one of the most visited stores on the Promenade.  Most of the proceeds from the African Art Etc., store went directly to The Pygmy Fund.  

To honor both our mother and Jean-Pierre, a portion of proceeds collected on this site will continue to go to causes that both our mother and Jean-Pierre believed in.  May they both Rest in Peace.

If you would like to know more about this collection or about the African ARt Etc. site, please send an e-mail to the following:






Books by 
Jean-Pierre Hallet

The 2nd in a series of three books written by Jean-Pierre Hallet - a true naturalist and humanitarian.

His final book - about the people that he loved more than life itself. 

Pygmy kitabu,

The people that inspired him to live a life that most could only read about in books.  The pygmies were what gave Jean-Pierre the courage to look fear in the face, and do it anyway!!!! 



Congo kitabu


Jean-Pierre Hallet's 1st Internationally Best Selling Book

Experience the amazing real-life adventures of this death-defying adventurer

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Statues and Figures


We hope to be the leading Auction Site created specifically for the Art Industry.


We will offer numerous styles of African Art from a variety of tribes throughout the African continent, including places such as,

the Luba, 

 Baule, Songye, Yourba, Senufo, Makonde, and more.


 Although African Art is our leading focus, we welcome many other types of art to be auctioned on this site. 


A Timeless Masterpiece


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Sequin Vest

Enjoy seeing the art that was important enough for Jean-Pierre Hallet to include in his collection.


Over 2000 Authentic Pieces collected by an expert in African Art for over 40 years.


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Most of Jean-Pierre's collection is considered to be authentic, meaning that these pieces were made by the people in their tribes for rituals within their tribes.  These pieces were not made to sell to the tourist trade. 




Exotic Jewelry from Mali, Ivory Coast and Zaire.


Personal Touch

Each piece of art was personally collected by Jean-Pierre himself, he loved his art and treated each one like a part of the family as many art lovers do.

Explore the Ancestor Masks from the deepest reaches of Africa. Traditional and authentic African Masks.



 Our wide selection of African Masks come from many different parts of Africa such as Ghana, Tanzania, Mali, Zaire and the Ivory Coast to name a few.


All African Art is handmade for the people by the people